Welcome to our website! as you can see we are a lover of animals 

Let me introduce my family in short my name is Asmara I live in Belgium me and my husband decided to make our dream happen as a young girl growing up I have a lot of passion for animals esp dogs, I have a lot of different breeds growing up but my love for a Great Dane grew big! I can make a whole story on why I would love to start my own kennel but then you will get tired of reading 📖 so we like to chat in person about it 😉 we ourselves have 5 Great Danes as in this website first litter Puppies arrived 8 October 2022 and we are beyond proud! the V pups are here all have a loving family !

but would you want more information and be on our waiting list? please don't hesitate to contact us or fill in the needed information.


5 beautiful puppies 


Mother: Tessa-Zira Von RI TASCHI

Father: Panjo Vom Merckelbach